Photoshopped Junk

As the title says, here we have photoshopped junk that I did using gimp. All images used in the photoshopping process were stolen from google. (because I'm evil.)

This has to be one of my very favorites that I've done.

Yoda-Riker mashup! I'm kinda impressed with this.
The stuff of nightmares.

I put this on the old blog when I first did it so long ago. I think this is what really got me interested in photoshopping.
Space Cat Part II.

Little Bub decided to go to the moon. I dunno.
A mythical creature known simply as "The Pig Squirrel".

AND my fake readers, if you got this far, those are my best photoshopped creations. Again, credit to their respectable owners for the original images that I edited which I found on the google.

Now don't come back- You might have a seizure. Heheh