Friendly Little Bunny

Aw- look at this cute little bun-bun! Be careful though, it may look completely adorable, but it might mistake your fingers for carrots and bite them off! You may be asking "why would I want this new and improved bunny?". The answer can be clearly seen in its special upgrades which I shall now demonstrate. While an Easter bunny can deliver Easter eggs, this bad-boy bunny can deliver dead Easter cats (A delicacy in North Korea)! Furthermore, who needs a bunny that goes hippity-hop when you can have 60 pounds of angry dog- I mean bunny- to charge you and love you to death? Finally, this beast is so well trained in the art of killing- I mean sleuthing- that if you lose your cat, you're sure to find it napping on your doorstep in the morning along with dozens of cats you've never seen before! How much is this mythical super-bunny? Two hundred dollars? Five hundred dollars? NO! We want to share the joy of this little angel so much that we've decided to sell it for no profit at all! And so, our generous price for you is $19.99! $19.99 for years of joyful surprises! $19.99 for years of happy runs with and from your own little Peter Cottontail! Get your new and improved bunny today!


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