Based On a True Story

Well, this is a bit of a strange drawing. So, I'll explain it to you. Basically, long story short, we went on a hike with an college student who I won't name and they were going as slow as molasses. Of course, this can only go on so long.

Finally, I simply stated: "I'm a fat sausage on wheels and I'm still faster than you!". For some strange reason, I decided to draw my version of that phrase. Now that I think about it though, I think a fat sausage on wheels would actually be pretty fast. Oh well. It was fun to draw.

..and for your convenience, I included a version with a talk bubble, and one without. 

Speaking of which, I think I have some pictures of that hike somewhere on the computer... Let me look. 

...That's it.


  1. I love this one! Beautiful pictures, too! Thanks! The question of whether a sausage on wheels would be fast is similar to the question of whether an ice-skate-cycal would work. :) Studio C.


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