Pericles and Dragocism. (dragon racism)

So... Dragons. Let's talk about dragons. Now, there's been quite a bit of dragocism lately. Yes, dragocism- Dragon racism.

Anyhow, back to the point: Dragons have been discriminated against for awhile now. Kidnapping and eating damsels in distress, stealing, destroying cities without a reason-

That's all fake. Just another plot to bring down dragons by the media. 
See, a dragon just needs to believe in himself. Take my good friend Pericles for example: 

He wanted to become a writer. All the knights in shining armor said things like "Ha! You, a writer? Better go back to eating damsels in distress, bud." Well, Pericles just believed in himself, burnt the knights to a crisp and he now lives happily as a ghost writer. (He keeps getting hired by this fool called "Shakespeare". Why, if it wasn't for Pericles, the man would be on the streets right now!)

Anyhow, think twice before you make fun of a dragon. 

They might riot if you don't.


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