R.I.P Maneicha (2010 - 2017)

First order of business: I have know idea how you spell Maneicha so I'm doing it my way.

Second order of business: SHE'S DEAD. THE GREAT CHICKEN MANEICHA IS DEAD. You're probably wondering: "Who in tarnation is Maneicha?" Maneicha, if you haven't figured it out yet, is a chicken.

Or was at least. Strangely enough though, even though Maneicha was definitely one of my favorite chickens I'm not very sad about it at all, I guess that's just the way it is with some types of animals while some other types of animals, such as dogs and cats you definitely feel more of a loss when they die.

For example- When you have a chicken die you feel slightly sad but at the same time you're probably feel more like "It was a good pet but it's dead now. Ok." while with a cat or dog (even if it's a jerky cat who just acts like a snob all the time and hates you.) You feel more like "It was a good pet but it's dead now. Sniff." I guess one thing about chickens is that mankind have been eating them for hundreds of years meaning that the emotional aspect of them dying is kinda gone for us humans. (Though I'm not one of those people who decide "Oh I have a good idea- Let's shoot the chickens and cook them up in a pot when they don't lay eggs anymore.")

Aaaaaanyhow- Enough with dead chickens. How about a picture of a live chicken with a little brothers face on it's body?

Maybe that wasn't a good idea.

-Over and in.


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