The Pig Behind the Voice - Sir Briggs Piggs

Hello and this is BBC. Today we're going to talk to the man who has been narrating all our nature documentaries for the last 10 years- A pig.

Yes, the secret's out. The great nature lover, patriot for his country, and TV narrator, Sir Briggs Piggs, is a pig. But how and why? Perhaps we should talk to Sir Piggs and find out.

"How can I speak?" said Sir Piggs after we asked, "well, my survival depended on it. Back where I was born, 'McChopchopitychopkins Farm', as soon as you were old enough you would be taken outside away from your family and friends and never come back. I originally assumed that they were being let free to go out in the world, get a job and be successful but I finally learned their horrible fate- Death."

"Anyhow, I decided that if I was going to survive, I needed to be extraordinary. You see, I had just heard about this preposterous children's book called 'Charlotte's Web' where a pig keeps from getting killed because he's 'extraordinary' and I decided that maybe I could try the same strategy except with a twist- I would learn to speak! You see, pigs are quite intelligent and this task, once I put my mind to it, was quite simple."

"But how I got my job... You see, after my owners learned I could speak and have conversations in perfect English, they decided that I would be a show pig. They took me down to London where they tried to get me a get in the circus as one of the freak show. As soon as my owners said that they had a talking pig, they immediately assumed this was some kind of joke and got rid of them quickly. So, as we were walking through the streets of London on the way to our car, a man ran out of a building looking worried and pushing past people and so on and so forth. Anyhow, because he was so rude I quickly stopped him, asked why he thought he of all people had the right to push past us. As he looked down to see who had just corrected him, he looked quite shocked to see me- A pig in a nice business suit with a finely waxed and trimmed mustache- and just sat there for a few seconds staring. 'Could you please stop staring?' I asked quite politely in my opinion considering how rude this man just was."

"Turns out the man was from the BBC who quickly needed a narrator for a BBC nature documentary because their old narrator had quit the job the very day of recording without even advance notice. Naturally, considering how finely tuned my accent was and how nice I looked, he asked if I would interview for the job. Of course I passed the interview with flying pig colours and that's why I'm here today. Yes, it sounds far fetched but it happened that way."

Thank you all for watching and goodnight.


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